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first-lady-we-met-that-had-feet-bound-at-birthOver two billion Chinese ladies, some willingly, suffered untold pain turning their feet into “three-inch golden lotuses” for the opportunity to attract a wealthy husband. Incredible, you think? What do you do to please people? To enhance your beauty? To ‘fit in’? Are you setting yourself up to lose the person God made you to be? Is there something in this world worth giving all your attention to? My opinion: NO.

These young girls gave everything to feed into a lie. Some married into wealth only to find their husband was an abusive opium addict. After footbinding was outlawed, these women suffered from Rejection. So, in a few years they went from being the desired women to shunned. How did they overcome? How did they reach the level of fully enjoying life? Many did not.

Do you want to be an Overcomer? Let’s start with the basics by looking at the work of Pastor Henry Wright and his team searching God’s Word. www.beinhealth.com

The women in my picture are seeking Peace by climbing Mt. Taishan to worship in the temple at the top to ensure they have a better after life. While I do not agree with the practice, I often think of these brave women and the strength they displayed.

I want to introduce you to a better way. And encourage you to commit to discovering who you are in Christ as boldly and deliberate as these ladies. God has given us Freedom. Let’s accept and embrace it. We will begin by delving into the 8R’s of Freedom.

  1. “Knowledge ties the past to the present but wisdom takes the present and moves it to the future.” By looking at your past to find the spiritual root to the suffering you are experiencing in the present (knowledge), you can then use wisdom to deal with it God’s way so that you can move ahead with His plan for your life. Hebrews 5:14
  2. Take responsibility for what you recognize.
  3. REPENT a turning away, a change of paradigm; a heart change—not just remorse.
  4. RENOUNCE To renounce literally means to “turn away from”. Love yourself, but hate the evil. Love your neighbor, but hate the evil he does. Learn to separate yourself and others from their sin.
  5. REMOVE IT Get rid of it once and for all. We cannot exist at the same place at the same time with rejection, hatred, addiction, etc.
  6. RESIST What you have dealt with will try to come back. That is why we need God and others. Submission to God comes first. Then submit to another person who you are accountable to until you can walk in total freedom in that area.
  7. REJOICE: Give God thanks for setting you free. “and rejoice even with joy and singing:”
  8. RESTORE: Help someone else.

In 1983 when I visited China I too suffered from worldly imposed binding. Work was my only focus, to please my employers to gain status and wealth. Mine was not physically painful, but still took a huge toll on my life. Further expiation may be found on XXXXXXXXXX.

Please offer your overcomer stories as well. I will review each submission with Love and understanding and publish as appropriate. Please do not reveal personal information. We want to help everyone, but this is still the world-wide web. Please tell me if you prefer to publish anonymously. Thank you.

Ladies climbing Mt Taishan

Ladies climbing Mt Taishan

With Footbinding came subservience. The women were not help mates but chattel. They disfigured their feet to guarantee their own future, but this act ultimately consigned them to tragic lives including hard physical labor. Their families suffered from the womens’ reduced income and inability to pick vegetables and fruit in the mountains.

The village’s prosperity (the reason parent’s bound their daughters’ feet) was all stolen by the communist regime. Even women born into a rich family and married into fabulous wealth had all her possessions confiscated by the Communists.

For those unfortunate women who paid the ultimate price for beauty, there was little choice. “At that time everybody had bound feet. If you didn’t, you’d only be able to marry a tribesman from an ethnic minority.”

We have choice. We can serve the World or Father God.

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